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Type of Program: Electronic Wallet
Supported Platforms:Win 95/98/NT
Company Name:Micro System Designs, Inc.
Version: 2.0 R1 
Price:only 14.95. electronically
Installed Size: 2Mb Hard Disk space


Works with Internet Explorer or Netscape version 3 or higher 

WebFormFill is an electronic wallet program that can make buying products on the Net fun and easy.The program automatically fills in users personal info.,credit card information, address or whatever infomation you have typed prior to using. It does use a pre-set format for the information you will need for purchases ect., which makes It easy to setup and use.

While using WebFormFill you will notice the program figures out where to place users name, billing address even the credit card information. All you need do is point and click (no typing) to place each field one at a time in any order you want. It works with all web sites while keeping the users personal information on their desktop computer(protected). Just a simple click on the webformfill icon in the system toolbar will start the program. 

You may keep as many profiles as desired,with different information for each of them including but not limited to credit cards. Also you may use a password for your profiles if desired. A help tab quickly explains how to use the program to fill Web forms. The program is automatic when filling forms or you can do it yourself using point and click.(see above)

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Nina Bogus

Purchase At using(credit card)and get a serial number to unlock the shareware version or they can fax or e-mail you an code for 24.95, includes shipping and handling for program diskette.

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