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Access Sentinel

Type of Program: Security
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98
Company Name: XProc Software
Version: 3.0
Price: $34.95
Installed Size: 1.5Mb


Access Sentinel is a security program for setting access rights to files and directories. You can hide files, hide folders, block access, and log file access. It is easy to use just right click on file or folder you want to protect; choose properties; choose the security tab; and choose your desired settings. The choices are Open, Read, Write, Directory listing, Including subfolders, Log, Deny, Prompt, Prompt for password, Disable performing options, and Use as default access for files without explicit permission. It is not a virus protection program but it can prevent viruses from deleting and/or editing files. Note the developer recommends that you DO NOT lock the Windows directory.

This program is easy to use and great for all types of users including business and people who share their computers. I only had one problem with this program but the developer explained what I was doing wrong. If you do not see the security tab open the Sentinel control panel by clicking on it's icon on the system tray; click on the Edit menu; then make sure that there is NOT a check beside Lock changes. If there is a check beside it uncheck it by clicking on it then you should see the security tab in the properties window for each file and directory. There is a help file but it is not available from the help menu. To access the help files you need to go the where you installed Sentinel and you will find a folder (directory) called HelpWeb where you will find the html help pages.

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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