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Connection Keeper

Type of Program: Internet Connection Utility
Supported Platforms:Win 95/98/NT
Company Name: Gammadyne Software
Version: 1.2
Installed Size: 585 K


I installed this program 8 days ago and even though my computer is online nearly 16 hours a day, I have not once been disconnected. 

This program is especially useful for people who use the Internet constantly or do lots of E-Mailing. Before installing this program, I had the frequent annoyance of the "Do you want to stay online?" dialog box appearing while writing or reading e-mail. No more!! And how about those long downloads? Now I can go about my business without worrying about getting disconnected halfway into a download!! 

Once installed, the icon appears in your start-up menu. Just go to it, minimize it to tray, and go online!! You're now free to work at your own pace without any distracting boxes popping into view, then scrambling to find the mouse to hit "yes" to stay connected!! I love it!!

I used to use a program called WizOn for staying connected, but it made odd little "blips" on the monitor during use which was quite distracting. This program runs so inubtrusively, you're almost tempted to keep checking to make sure you turned it on(I think I did. Or did I?)!! Trust it, it's working!! And doing a fine job at it!!!

User Friendly:+
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cynthia Phillips Morgan

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