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Download Assistant

Type of Program: Internet Download Utility
Supported Platforms:Win 95/98/NT4
Company Name: Iolo Technologies
Version: 1.5d
Price: $29.95
Installed size: 750 Kb


At the onset of installation, you get a somewhat confusing group of information updates. You're about to install version 1.5d, but there's a paragraph that reads:
Fixed issue: If explorer file extensions were turned off, DLA would create new download files each re-download.
Fixed issue: If download file name left blank, DLA would not download or prompt resulting in an access violation on exit.

I downloaded it despite having no clue as to what the above "issues" meant. The download completed without incident. I've run the program for four days now and it works great!! If a download gets cut off for some reason, this program will let you pick up where it left off without having to restart download. Same if you have to stop a download in progress.(both occurred during review period) 

It also scans every download for viruses, which none of mine had so I didn't have the experience of seeing what it does if it detects a virus. It says it'll stop any downloads with viruses and tell you why it stopped your download. 

You can open it up anytime to check on your downloads and check on information you entered at the time you downloaded something. Tells you where the files are saved, if it was virus-free, The name of the file, where it came from, why you downloaded it, and if you kept it. 

Real handy when you do a lot of downloading!!!!

User friendly:
Cost: . 
Ease of Installation:  
Reviewed by Cynthia Phillips

How can it be purchased: Don't know about cash, but checks and credit cards are accepted.

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