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Jedor Viscosity

Type of Program: Graphics and gif animator
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT (no Mac)
Company Name: Jedor, Inc.
Version: Viscosity 1.0
Price: $179 US but $149 til 10/ 18/99
Installed Size: 7388 K


As a lover of graphic programs of all types, levels and quality, I downloaded Viscosity with great anticipation. As things turned out I was NOT disappointed in the least. This is a professional quality program at a very reasonable price. There is a fully functional 30 trial period that will give you every opportunity to try this one out and see if it is for you. After this period of time, you must purchase a "key" to continue using it. What does it do? It might be easier to explain what it does NOT do. 

This is a feature filled application for "creating, editing, authoring pixel based image and animation files," to quote the author. Take for example the basics. If you can use Windows, you can use this program. You have all the features of Windows including drag and drop which make it a much more easily understood and mastered program. There is almost too much to say about Viscosity. It is your "standard" paint program but also includes more functions than I have seen to date. It puts other paint programs to shame. The animation feature allows you to use all draw tools and filters on multiple frames. When you make changes, the view is automatically updated. You may "layer" your animation and use many F/X to change and add to it. The color function is unbelievable. You can find out which colors are "websafe," which are "Windows" colors as well as choosing a specific hue. There is an "alpha channel" for working with transparencies, meaning that you are not limited to using a single color. Online support and instruction is VERY detailed and the help section of the program itself is most helpful. 

Upon downloading and installing Viscosity, there is a great 5 minute tour that explains various aspects of the program and even gives you an opportunity to try each function for yourself. There are many filters and F/X included with this program. However, there is a plug-in feature so you may easily add any newly introduced features, etc. Web Optimization makes each file as small as possible without affecting loss of quality. It is recommended that you save the images in VSC format but you do have an option to save them to other formats as well. 

If you are looking for a professional image/animation program at a very reasonable price in comparison to the other comparable ones on the market, this one is the one to get! Download the trial program and spend some time with it. I am looking forward to the next few weeks to discover all I can do with Viscosity!

User Friendly:
Cost: $149 til 10/18/99, then $179
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Louise Wilson

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