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Key Text

Type of program: Word Keystroke Utility
Supported platforms: Win 95/98
Company name: MJMSoft Design Ltd.
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 1.117
Cost: $25
Installed size: 650


Well, you know how scared I am of utilities-but for one of the dreaded utilities-this program is pretty good, and it's almost easy enough for me to use, without pulling my hair out-hardly at all! This program allows you to take text that is typed most often, stuff that really starts getting tiresome typing over and over, and have that typed in for you with two keystrokes.

Key Text will sit in your tray, and has a different menu with a right or left click. In the shareware version you can have 5 windows to hold text commands, the registered version gives you 21 more, and allows you to open Key Text more that once, so you have the potential to have a couple of hundred different text commands. 

The sample text command shows you that, unlike some programs, which have a limit on the amount of letters that can be in a text command, the sample has 39 lines of text. Key Text works with most applications, and can be set up to paste your text of type it. If you select typing, you can select the typing speed, you can set it up so that it could be typing to someone online, and they wouldn't even know that it wasn't you, since you can add pauses, mistakes and backspacing to correct.

As if all that wasn't enough, you also get a scheduler that can start items at a certain time, show a reminder, and sound an alarm, and even an hourly alarm. You can tell Key Text to look for certain events, and then run an item. You can have a 'random link' function, say with your e-mail signature, and a bunch of quotes.

Key text has many other functions, options, and features; but I realized that once again I was getting carried away, and the author wrote the help files quite well, you don't need me re-writing it! What you do need me to do is tell you enough to get your attention, AND tell you, from a confirmed utility hater, and fraidy cat, that this program is not only great-but you NEED it! Give it a try for free, and I think you will find that you will get so used to counting on it, you'll have to register it!

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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