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Magical Mouse-over Button Generator

Type of Program: Web page Button Generator
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company: Copperflow Solutions
Authors Name: Brad Trupp
Version: 2.10
Price: $20.00
Installed Size: 692,617 bytes


My only experience of web publishing is MS Publisher 97, all very nice but no flashy bits. I wanted movement on my buttons but couldn't do it, then I found this program.

Mouse-over Button Generator is really simple to use and requires no paint program. A wizard takes you step by step to creating bmp & jpeg buttons which can be mouseover, 3D, mouseover + 3D or static. Simple to follow and a nice touch at the end, you can view the working results without committing yourself and if you dont like them you can go back and alter any aspect and view them again until your satisfied and then save to your choice of directory.

Putting the buttons on your web page is simple too. Just copy the saved images to your web page folder and copy and paste the autogenerated code into your HTML editor. 

All in all an ideal program for the novice and expert. One slight niggle, it doesn't support GIF.

User Friendly
Cost $20.00
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Simon Baillie
Purchasing Registered version: Mail(Cheque or money order), Online(Credit card)

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