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Type of Program: Calculator
Supported Platforms: Win 98/95/2000/NT 4.0 or higher.
Company Name:Sadata Corporation
Version" 1.2
Installed Size:8 MB


If you've ever wanted or needed one of those fancy do everything calculators, well here it is and it does everything. It can and will do financial, scientific, and engineering calculations not to mention statistics,even unit conversions.

This program is loaded with just about any feature you care to name, but just in case I will name a few. Any math problems you need a calculator to solve, practical can handle easily, such as fractions or even good old addition and subtraction or multiplication plus a bunch more.

The program comes with a built in formula library, with hundreds of common formulas, a downloadable formula library featuring the ability to enter your own formulas if you so desire.

It covers 22 general functions, 6 logical, and 12 statistical functions, and the program has an automatic tape function, usable even when hidden and practical can reuse tape entries with a mouse click.

It also features full keyboard support,with the ability to hide the keypad. Expressions can be entered from the keyboard and from PractiCal's built-in keypad.

Practical features several modes such as fixed, normal, fraction and scientific, and I'm here to tell you if all these features aren't enough for you, consider this fact(important one ) Practical was made in such a way that ANYONE can and will use it on their own PCs using windows. Practical is really a everyday program for everyday people, and remember it is very easy to use even for me. Practical is ideal for brainy types too so follow directions below and you will be surprised how smart you really are.

You will find that there are 72 buttons on the calculator's keypad all of them are explained in depth in the help files to aid you in using PractiCal to the best of your ability.

There are so many features included that you will get tired just reading about them and if you are like me it's easier to understand something when it's hands on and I'm doing it myself. So here is today's TIP go download a free trial copy and when you see how neato the program is you'll be tickled to be able buy and use it for the small small price being asked.

Here are a few more facts about the Practical program, you can enter expressions which can contain numbers, parentheses, functions, variables and operators, you can enter Ya+(Yb-Ya)/(Xb-Xa)*(X-Xa) or Salvage_Value=Original_Price(1-depreciation_Rate%) ^Age_in_Years. How about multiple expressions? works great if you join them together with a colon.

You can program up to 10 user defined keys if desired, and each key can contain numbers, variable, formulas, and more. Other functions included are Abs, Acos, Acosh, Acot, Acoth, Acsc, Acsch, Ans, Asec, Asech, Asin, Asinh, Atan, Atanh, Cos, Cosh, Cot, Coth, Count, Csc, Csch, Dbd, Exp, Factorial (!), Fix, Frac, Int, Ln, and Log to name a few.

Practical is always ready to use straight from the system tray,after you set it up to start with windows which keeps it ready to use anytime you might need it.

The Tape window shows all problems that were done and the entries that can be reused if desired by double clicking . You can copy directly to the windows clipboard and/or print your existing and saved entries.

Another neato fact is PractiCals library which uses folders to organize all formulas, conversion factors and constants. So when you want to find a formula to calculate a depreciation amount you would find it in the Finance folder, by highlighting the "Depreciation Amount" and then clicking. The calculator display will ask you for certain costs and amounts etc,after putting in requested data it will display the "Depreciation Amount" you needed.

With the options in the library you can make new Folder, a new entry, or you can import something,or export to other places. Rename that folder,cut something to get rid of it, or keep it by making a copy,also paste, delete or Send are ready to use too.

The Data window can be used to store things in memory (same as most calculators). But please don't worry if you don't understand all these features, because Practical was made with the everyday person in mind.

Again you do not need be a mathematical genius to use PractiCal but you will feel like you are because of all the built in features and help files included.

If you were to buy a business calculator, scientific calculator,and one for everyday it would cost you over $100.00 and you would still not get all the features that come included with this program.

Purchase online using your credit card, won't hurt a bit....

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Reviewed By Nina Bogus

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