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Quick Lottery

Type of Program: Lottery Number Picker
Supported Platforms:Win 95
Company Name: M.A.N. Systems Corp.
Version: 2.0
Price: Free for 4 days, then $1.99 one time fee


This program is fun for serious lottery players and those of us who throw in a buck now and then for biggest jackpots. It only does the 6 number type picks, not daily pick three or pick four kinds. Works the same as buying Quick Picks by random selection of numbers. 

It doesn't promise to increase your odds of winning or choose numbers by statistical probability, but some people would love the idea of having the numbers chosen to look at them before forking out the buck for the Quick Pick at retailers. 

You can go into it as many times as you want and use the numbers it gives you or keep going back til a group of numbers strikes you as "lucky". The trial period is only for 4 days, but for $1.99, what the heck!! Might even find your "lucky combo" and play 'em every week!! Entertaining and who knows? Could pick ya a winner!! 

Worth $1.99 just for fun.

User Friendly:
Ease of installation:
Support: 0 stars ( none offered)
Reviewed by Cynthia Phillips

Purchase by credit card online or check to M.A.N. Systems, address at homepage.

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