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Type of Program: Sweepstakes browser
Supported Platforms:Windows 95/98
Company Name: Northwest Digital
Version: 2.0
Price: free
Installed size:10 MB


This program is for people who LOVE sweepstakes!! Who doesn't like getting something for nothing? The free version lets you fill out all those repetitive entry forms automatically and enters you in the newest sweepstakes on the net. It updates daily so you get re-entered in daily sweeps and entered in new ones as they come up. A lot of the sweeps give you free gifts just for entering, so you start collecting goodies immediately!! It entered me in 42 sweeps and I get two free CDs, four coupons, a free mousepad and a self-help book just for entering!! The only "nuisance" is that acknowledgments of your entries go to your e-mail, so you spend time deleting these.

If the free version isn't enough for you, it also is available by subscription called SweepsWizard Premier. One month-$10 Six months-$48 One year-$60 plus one free month. Pay by credit card or check. Tried out the one month just to see if it was better than the free version. Entered me in 205 sweeps!! Next day 28 new ones plus re-entered dailies from first day!! 17 more free gifts on the way!! 

Depending on how big of a sweeps fan you are, any of the available options are well worth the few minutes you spend filling out the initial entry form. Even if you only win a few or win things you don't really want, you'll always have "gifts" on hand for unexpected guests or Christmas gift exchanges!! And let the kids open 'em! They love free stuff!!

Performance: (some it couldn't find the web page)
User Friendly: (deleting all those e-mail acknowledgements is a bit of a pain) 
Ease of installation: (entries start downloading right away for a LONG time!) 
Reviewed by Cynthia Phillips

This one is free, but if you go for the Premier versions, it's payable by credit card online or credit card or check by phone at number given at home page.

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