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Computer User Groups

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PACS Philadelphia Area Computer Society - Philadelphia, PA USA

Useful Sites - Mostly Shareware

Paul's Picks This site has it all. The History of Shareware, How to Download, plus a Huge Download collection.  Lots more too. My favorite site.
Free Downloads The best place to find new software on the web. Search through their ever-growing library of shareware and freeware titles.
Windows Users Group Network
Your Complete Resource Center for "The Best" in Shareware, Computing Tips and Support, Windows Industry News... and much more!
Association of Shareware Professionals Since 1987, the ASP has been dedicated to the advancement of shareware, also known as try-before-you-buy software, as an alternative to conventional retail software. Today the ASP is a vibrant organization with hundreds of members around the world working together to improve their businesses and making it easier for computer users to find quality software at reasonable prices.
SoftwareVault.com On this site you will find the latest information brought to you directly from the Authors themselves. 
Pass the Shareware Please The Best Links Site
200 Free Shareware Links A Great Shareware Resource!  One link dropped as one is added.   Get Free Product Exposure
5 Star Internet Shareware for Win95/NT
Free downloads of Shareware and Freeware
with News, Reviews, Features and lots more.
Educational Software Cooperative ESC (Educational Software Cooperative) is a non-profit corporation bringing together developers, publishers, distributors and users of educational software.
Upload.it This site is on-line help for sharewarists throughout the world.
ScreenSaver.com The Internet's Source of the Latest & Greatest Screen Savers
Norloff's OS/2 Norloff's OS/2 Shareware Web & BBS. Home of the world's largest collection of OS/2 Shareware and Freeware Programs and Information.
TUCOWS Download - Up to Date Site

SharewareJunkies.com - The Shareware Reviewers