MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows

Type of Program: DVD Backup
Supported Platforms: XP/Vista (32/64)/Windows 7(32/64)/Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion
Company Name: Digiarty
Version: 6.1
Price: $50 USD
Installed Size:


Dvd ripper installs as it should enabling the user to make all the ordinary install choices regarding install directory, start menu entry’s and icons.

Friendly to both technophobes and technophiles, DVD Ripper Pro’s default menu contains three step instructions to its use which consist of load select output format and simply click the big blue start button.

For the Technophiles, each output tab in DVD Ripper Pro has detailed options available ranging from audio quality, audio sample rate and volume to the same in video and CPU core usage and many others as well as providing trim capabilities.

DVD Ripper Pro also provides the option to rip to .iso and to perform a copy to mpg function, which brags a 1:1 video/audio/subtitle copy. It can rip to a variety of formats as well ranging from .avi to .flv and .mov. DVD Ripper Pro also has a variety of pre made conversion settings for your favorite devices including the IPod and a variety of HTC products and many others; each device tab has its own drop down menu built in to it enabling the user to select their own specific device from the list. Should the default ripping settings not satisfy one, they can be modified from the options menu.

DVD ripper pro Supports hyper threading and Nvidia’s CUDA, leaving us ATI users in the dry for now.

Suffice to say Win/Mac x DVD ripper pro, was already my default Ripping utility when a review was requested by Digiarty. I would recommend this app to any one with Ripping needs, the only real flaw is the lack of ATI Steam, but hopefully that will be fixed in the future.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:

Reviewed by SunnyDayCloud, December 2011.

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