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Type of Program:Utility
Supported Platforms:Windows 95/NT
Company/Authors Name:Popcorn Software/Mark Veronese
Version: 1.2
Price:Free but tokens of appreciation accepted
Installed Size:265KB


This tiny program does only one thing, but it does it quite handily. Running the program places an hourglass in your system tray. Click on it and a handy timer pops up. Press the "start" button and you're off and running . . . until you turn it off. The timer tells you the start time, the current time and elapsed time. You can set the timer to autohide or manually minimize it right back to the utility tray until needed.

    A nice little extra to have on your system.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: None, but who needs it?
Reviewed by  Shoshana Schiller

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