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Type of Program: Web Site Management/Maintenance
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name: Jukesoft
Version: 4.0
Price: $40.00
Installed Size: 4 MB


Hutmil is a program for managing and maintaining web sites. It can change html files (and other types) without even opening them. You use the left side of Hutmil's main menu to find the files. The top part shows your drives and directories and the bottom part shows the files in the selected drive and directory. Select the files you want to work on and add them to the queue. Once the files are in the queue "hundreds of different things you can do to the files". You can even save your queues. Hutmil's many features include Integrated FTP, FTP Profile Editor, Code Bank, ASCII To HTML Wizard, Directive Wizard, Remove Comments, QuickMenu, Add/Change META Tags, Customizable Tag List, Customizable META Tag List, Customizable <!DOCTYPE> List, Integrated Code Editor, File Selection Wizard, Text Only Manager, Page Manager, Filename Case Manager, Find and Replace, and Customizable Options. There is also a short tutorial and extensive help so nobody should have any problems using it.

The integrated FTP will let you load files to the queue from your remote server and upload files. The FTP Profile Editor makes connecting to your FTP site easy by allowing you to set up multiple profiles including usernames and passwords for each. The Code Bank lets you store frequently used code (text) for easy access. The ASCII to HTML will convert ASCII to web pages. The easy to use wizard helps you add code (such as body tags) to be placed in the top of bottom of the created page. The QuickMenu gives you easy access to Hutmil's commands (features) without having to start a wizard or manager. Add/Change META Tags lets you edit and add meta tags without having to start the Page Manager. The Integrated Code Editor lets you edit your web pages without using an external editor. Find and Replace finds the code (text) you enter in all the queued documents and replaces it with the code (text) you specified without opening all the files it was found in.

Hutmil has many wizards and managers. The Directive Wizard adds, replaces, or removes code (text) to the queued documents. It puts specially-formatted HTML comments around the code. You choose where you want it placed (top or bottom and page, BODY section or HEAD section), type in an identification key (what you want to name the code), set a priority, and type the text (code) you want added. The File Selection Wizard will add multiple files from multiple directories (folders) to the queue according to what you set. The choices are Filename start with, Filename ends with (not including extension), File extension is, Contains letter sequence, Wildcards, and Case Sensitive. The Text Only Manager converts HTML files into plain text files. It removes all HTML tags, SCRIPTS, HTML comments and Hutmil directives, and converts special HTML characters like &nbsp; too. The Page Manager lets you Add/Change <!DOCTYPE>, Add/Change Stylesheet Link, Change BODY Tag, and Add/Change MET! ! ! A Tags.

The options are fully customizable. Folder options lets you set your startup, default save, and default open folders. Program options lets you choose 2 web browsers, an HTML Client, and a FTP Client program. File options lets you set what type of files are listed for example you can add.rtf so your rich text formatted files will appear in the file list. The HTML options lets you add or remove HTML tags to the list of tags supported by Hutmil (the tags appear in the Code Manager and the Remove Tag dialog). The META Tags options lets you add and remove META tag Name or HTTP-EQUIV values to the tag list. The DOCTYPE options lets you add and remove the DOCTYPEs from the list. The Editors options lets you choose the font and set the colour coding for Table Code, Inline Images, Comments, Hutmil Directives, and HTML tags.

Hutmil's intended purpose was to manage and maintain web sites but it can also be used on text files. I am pretty sure you can add other extensions to the file types in options such as .rtf, .doc, and so on and have it manage them. I use a lot of text files as well as html files and it will be nice to be able to add, change, and remove things from these too. This is truly a powerful program. I usually use a text editor for doing my html pages but had Homesite installed for when I need to add something to a bunch of pages, do an extensive find and replace, and so on. With Hutmil I don't need Homesite anymore. (Don't get me wrong Homesite is a great HTML editor/creator I just prefer using a text editor.) Hutmil has a 30 day fully functional free trial so you can see for yourself just how powerful and easy to use it is. The unregistered version has a nag screen when you first open it and will stop working after 30 days. An excellent review of Hutmil v2.2 was written by Bobbie Crowell. If you wish to read that review it can be found at Hutmil has been rewritten and has added new features since this review but the review is still worth reading.

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