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The Oldest Software Review Site

About SharewareJunkies.com

SharewareJunkies.com was founded in 1995 by Mike Dulin and a number of other shareware enthusiasts from around the world. 
They realized that the only information available at that time on Shareware software was either in magazines or was the information that the authors or companies themselves provided.

Now we have over 6,000 Shareware pages and volunteer Reviewers from all over the planet.
If you are interested in being selected as a SharewareJunkies.com Reviewer please follow this link.

To contact us:

1916 Pike Pl.
Suite 831
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone 206-965-8098
Email: patrik@sharewarejunkies.com

Policy Statement: Shareware is a try before you buy marketing concept. While the main purpose of the SharewareJunkies.com is to review this type of Software,
 we will also review Freeware, Demos and occasionally we will review software that does not fit in these categories if we decide that it is in the interests of our viewers.